Our Cobberdogs

Meet Our Cobberdogs

Meet our Cobberdog Family – Angus, Adelaide, Beau, Airlie, Fern, Scarlett and Hunter and also Darcie our Schnoodle. Sizes of the breeding pups are Medium to Small Medium.

As Cobberdog breeders in NSW, we are looking at temperament, eye contact, personality and demeanour (calmness). To us, the colour is not as important. 

Cobberdogs make for fantastic therapy and companion dogs for specials needs, as they have a wonderful temperament and they do not shed.

All our Cobberdog puppies that are for sale are genetically tested, fully vaccinated and wormed, given a veterinary health check following birth and before sale. Any imperfections noted not hidden from buyers.

We raise our puppies on 5 acres in the Camden Area, South West Sydney who share the hours of enjoyment with chooks (kept separate of course), visiting grandchildren ranging from 2 -15 with our 4 children and their other halves.

We are members of the Master Dog Breeders Association – No. 18371. 

We have designated whelping areas attached to the house which are air conditioned and also cabins with individual accommodation for 9 dogs at the most. We then make careful enquiries about suitable guardian facilities in homes not too far away.

We have wonderful mobile vets who visit and are also just a phone call, sms or email away with quick returns giving advice even after working hours.

Our feeding regime involves a raw food diet sometimes supplemented with an Australian Dry Food called “Scratch”. Who have online ordering and regular deliveries. The raw food is served with different accompaniments like sardine or eggs or cottage cheese or mashed pumpkin and anything else that’s available.


Why Choose Winding Valley Cobberdogs

Every puppy we sell is guaranteed to have been raised in a loving family and will come with first shots, microchipping, worming, flea and tick prevention, as well as Heartgarding. There will also be a manual on “Raising a Winding Valley Cobberdog”. We also match puppies based on their personalities, train them to potty and socialize them from an early age. To determine what temperament puppy would suit you best, we ask you to complete an “Owner Questionnaire.”

Winding Valley Cobberdogs are human-focused, easily trained, and have a happy, loving temperament With their eyes, they tell a story and look deep into your soul. Intuitive and excellent companion or therapy dogs, they make excellent therapy dogs. In addition to being goofy and funny, they enjoy going for walks and especially to the beach. 



We raise our puppies with optimal temperament and health and they come with :

– Standard “up to date vaccination and worming”

– Microchipped Flea, tick and Heartgard treatment

– Genetic testing report Crate-acclimatised to make crate training easier. 

– Toilet trained to our environment, making it as easy as possible for you. 

-Chew toy  

– First night’s food 

-Voucher for 5 free online training sessions with Relaxed Obedience 

– A Book called “The Whole Puppy” by Suzanne Goodwin


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