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The Cobberdog Breed

The Australian Cobberdogs - A Breed In Development

The Cobberdog was originally developed through infusion and combination of at least 22 breeds.
The original concept was developed by Beverly Manners (Rutlands ) and Mellodie Woolley (Tegans).

In development the breed decisions were always made with the goal of a breed which is non
shedding, allergy friendly, non aggressive and easily trainable.

Modern science has enabled the pursuit toward Purebreed recognition, using such methods as DNA
and selective breeding. The outcome is evolving into a healthy dog with predictable temperament
and characteristics. 


The Australian Cobberdog does not have hair, it has a fleecy or woolly coat which is non shedding and therefore, in most cases, allergy friendly.

It is recommended that brushing occurs every day or two with a slicker brush. (Picture) This is a wonderful bonding tool as well to build up lifelong love and affection.

Regularly grooming by the owner or a Groomer is needed every 6 or so weeks to lessen matting, burrs and ear problems.

Due to the nature of the coat, dirt sheds and your precious furbaby looks clean again after such outings as a day at the beach, which they love. Water + Cobberdog = Great Fun and Big Smiles!

The Cobberdog does not have a “doggy” smell, which is wonderful for living inside the family home.

There are 3 types of Cobberdog coat:

  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • Smooth which is a combination of hair and fleece


The colours of a Cobberdog can be either solid e.g. Raven, Chocolate, Red, Caramel and Blonde (White).

Or blended with many varieties such as apricot/cream, brindle or blue merle.


When choosing an Australian Cobberdog consider the environment and exercise the new family home is providing with the anticipated size of your new family member.

There are 4 sizes in the Cobberdog Breed: (noting that size is determined by height not weight). Measurements are from the top of the shoulder to the ground.

  • Miniature:   35cm – 41cm              7-12kg
  • Small-Medium:  41cm – 47cm      10-16kg
  • Medium:  47cm – 56cm                  14-22kg
  • Standard:  over 56cm                     20-40kg  

At 6 months of age the puppy will be 75% of its fully grown height and at 8 months he/she will be fully grown. 

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