Our Available Cobberdog Puppies

Byron (Boy)

Birthday: 11 Feb 2023
Size Type: Small Medium
Colour: Black

Short description about this puppy

Mirani (Girl)

Birthday: 11 Feb 2023
Size Type: Small Medium
Colour: Tan

She is pretty, quietly confident, playful

Violet (Girl)

Birthday: 11 Feb 2023
Size Type: Small Medium
Colour: Tan with white nose and chest

She is contented, quiet, inquisitive, cuddly

Welcome to Winding Valley Cobberdogs

Let me introduce ourselves and the Cobberdog world we live in today.

My name is Jenny and my husband is Neil. Our Australian Cobberdog family at the moment is led by our regal black Large Standard Cobberdog who introduced to us the world of gorgeous temperament, eyes that look into your soul, hours of patting, calmness to the n’th degree and LOVE. He was a pet and along with a Schnoodle was all that was meant to be. He was desexed as I think a pet should be and life went on.

Then we had a thought – We love these dogs so much, let’s become Cobberdog breeders in Sydney, with the idea that they could become therapy dogs and companion dogs for people with special needs. With their brilliant temperament, their soft non shed hypoallergenic coat and their love for people, they are perfect addition to anyone’s life. Let’s make a difference.

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